Dudley Campaign Positive On The Oregon Film and TV Industry

Chris Dudley, Running For Oregon Governor (Photo: Holly M. Gill/ The Madras Pioneer)

We received this message from Stan Roach, Board President of the Oregon Film Alliance Board:

Hi Harold – My email is below the response from Dudley’s office.

To: Stan Roach

Subject: RE: Incentives

 Hello Mr. Roach,

 Thank you for your e-mail. Chris is supportive of any business ventures in Oregon that bring positive revenue to the state. Opportunities in the film, television and media production industry would be encouraged as it is not only a way for the state to make money during a time we are running a huge deficit, but also an opportunity for Oregon to be in the spotlight thus advertising the natural beauty our great state has to offer.

  Chris is an outsider to Salem, he is not involved in this political scuffle.  As Governor, Chris will build a strong party in Oregon. Change will not come from the inside. The inside crowd has proven they are good at protecting the status quo and business-as-usual. Chris would change Oregon’s policies by changing the people who help shape them. Appointing elected officials who represent the people will breathe new life into state government and will restore trust back into Salem that Oregonians desperately need.

  If you have not had the chance to read Chris’ Jobs First Plan, I encourage you to do so, I have posted the link below.

  Again, thank you for your e-mail!

 Jobs First Plan : http://www.chrisdudley.com/jobs-first-oregons-recovery-plan/

 —–Original Message—–

Subject: Web contact message: Incentives

 Provide Incentives, Not Excessive Subsidies, for Emerging Industries.

 Chris – You understand ROI. If you are about REAL jobs and economic development (more taxpayers versus more taxes) then I would like to ask if you support more film, television and media production incentives for our state? Take a look at what Leverage has contributed to the economy due to the OPIF incentives. Those of us in the industry need to know. We’ll ask the same question of Kitzhaber.

 Thank you,

Stan Roach

 On Behalf of the FOA Board

Stan Roach, Board President

Film Oregon Alliance

Thanks are due to Stan for reaching out – both personally and on behalf of FOA – to the Dudley campaign to get a statement from them.  The second paragraph sounds like “boilerplate,” but at the very least his campaign has made a strong statement in support of the industry and what it brings to Oregon.  This is only a private correspondence, however… I’d love to hear Dudley say something publicly about the industry and how it fits into his economic plans.

To date, we’ve heard nothing from the Kitzhaber campaign regarding their support for the Oregon film and TV industry – it would be great if someone followed Stan’s example and contacted the Kitzhaber campaign directly.  If you do, and you get a response, be sure to let us know at orfilmandtv(at)haroldphillips.net.

About haroldphillips

Harold Phillips has worked professionally in theatre, film and television for over 20 years. In that time, he's built a reputation for his commitment to the characters he plays and his efforts to strengthen the film and theatre industries in the cities he's worked in. Harold has gained prominence in the quickly growing world of digital media, with appearances in the wildly popular web series Lady Wasteland, Animus Cross, and the interactive movie The Outbreak. In addition to appearances in commercials and independent films (including the comedic Crackin' The Code and thrillers Sum Of The Parts and Dark Horizon), Harold has spent many years working on stage in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Harold, please visit his web site at http://www.haroldphillips.net
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