Kitzhaber: Diversifying Is Key To Creating Jobs

John Kitzhaber, Running For Oregon GovernorAs you know, we’ve been asking the candidates running for Oregon’s governor about their support for the state’s film and TV industry since this site started.  Staffers for Chris Dudley, the Republican nominee, responded privately in an email that was republished here at; now John Kitzhaber, the Democratic nominee, has responded publicly on his web site.

I have received many questions to date about my position on the film and TV industry in Oregon. I am supportive of the expansion of this industry in Oregon, along with other industries that will similarly help to diversify our economy and create jobs, while simultaneously capitalizing on the unique resources and talent that Oregon has to offer… (read more)

In the article, Kitzhaber makes a strong statement in support of the industry here in Oregon, and the jobs that it brings in throughout the state.  To date it’s the most public statement either candidate has made.  It’s encouraging that Kitzhaber not only recognizes the value of the Oregon film and TV industry, but makes it (and other “traded sector” employers) a central component of his jobs plan

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Harold Phillips has worked professionally in theatre, film and television for over 20 years. In that time, he's built a reputation for his commitment to the characters he plays and his efforts to strengthen the film and theatre industries in the cities he's worked in. Harold has gained prominence in the quickly growing world of digital media, with appearances in the wildly popular web series Lady Wasteland, Animus Cross, and the interactive movie The Outbreak. In addition to appearances in commercials and independent films (including the comedic Crackin' The Code and thrillers Sum Of The Parts and Dark Horizon), Harold has spent many years working on stage in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Harold, please visit his web site at
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