The State of Oregon’s Film & TV Industry 2010: Edward Taub

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Earlier this month, we asked you – the readers – to give us your “State of the Industry Address” as 2010 wound to a close.  Several of you responded to our call, and over the next few days we’ll be sharing some of these statements with you.

AFTRA National Representative Edward Taub:

I have been the AFTRA national representative assigned to the Portland AFTRA local (and therefore the Portland Local Exec) for only 3 months.  So, please take what follows as my take on the Oregon Film and Video Industry, take 1.  For the record: I come to AFTRA from a long and varied career as a union representative, having represented a range of working men and women including state and local government workers, classified school employees, retail clerks, health care professionals and college professors.  That’s my background;  regarding film and video credentials, I go to a lot of movies and watch too much tv.

 The first thing that strikes me about our Oregon film and video industry is that folks are operating on a very high level:  there is creativity and  talent in all aspects of the industry.  I have met with agents, producers, actors, folks from the Governor’s Office and OMPA and up and down the line I’ve met committed individuals with scary good skills and abilities.  It’s a great environment in which to work.  I am especially thankful for the AFTRA leaders and members with whom I ‘ve been able to work over this short period.  Their commitment to their craft and to their union is profound and their desire to solidify professional standards in this market will be an important aspect of the growth of family wage jobs in our industry.

 The other big thing that I’ve learned is how important the incentive program is to the health of the industry. It is great on the one hand that we have the program, and that it is administered by a highly competent and committed Office of Film and Video.  However, I think we have to think beyond the incentive program if we’re going to continue to grow our industry.  I have no doubt that the incentive program will be renewed by the legislature- when you look at what the program brings in versus what it costs, it’s a great deal for Oregonians.  However, we’re in this really terrible situation with our state budget, and the likelihood of increases in the incentive program are not great.  In the long run, as our local economy recovers, I think we’ll be able to get an increased incentive program.  However, I think we should figure out some ways to attract projects even if the funds from the program are exhausted for a particular year.  I have no idea what that those ideas would be,  but we can talk about it, and maybe we can come up with some viable ideas while we work to continue and expand the incentive program.

 I look forward to working with all of you;  and for you actors out there, I want to echo the message our Portland AFTRA members have for “pre-union” members : You’re a professional, isn’t it time you were treated like one?

Ed Taub recently joined Portland’s office of the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists as the branche’s new National Representative.

Note: this site has moved. Please visit our new site at

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Harold Phillips has worked professionally in theatre, film and television for over 20 years. In that time, he's built a reputation for his commitment to the characters he plays and his efforts to strengthen the film and theatre industries in the cities he's worked in. Harold has gained prominence in the quickly growing world of digital media, with appearances in the wildly popular web series Lady Wasteland, Animus Cross, and the interactive movie The Outbreak. In addition to appearances in commercials and independent films (including the comedic Crackin' The Code and thrillers Sum Of The Parts and Dark Horizon), Harold has spent many years working on stage in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about Harold, please visit his web site at
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